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Begin your search for a fitness instructor instructor here. Our database covers all types of fitness instructors based in the UK. Whether you are looking for one to one tuition or group classes, just enter your postcode above and we will show you who and where you local instrcutors are that have registered with us and what they offer.

All of our instructors have their own personal web page detailing the services and classes they offer and where you can find them and how to make contact. We are currently in the process of building up our database so if you don’t find what you are looking for come back and visit us again soon.

We are adding new services all of the time as we continue to grow based on feedback from our members.

Maybe you know of a fitness instructor that could benefit from some free promotion, if so then point them our way. As far as domain names go, where better to get listed than on and best of all it’s currently free while we build up our database.

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Any size business should have have an online presence today to stay competitive within its industry and fitness instructors are no different. However in the majority of cases they do not need a full featured website with of the costs of setup and maintanence that goes with it when a simple one page is sufficient to promote their services and classes and this is exactly what we provide.

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Even if you already have your own website then this is fine for people that know about you, but most of your potential new clients are likley to be searching for fitness instructors in their area and without a site like ours (fully optimised for SEO to be found in Google) to publicise the services and classes you offer would they find you?

*A premium domain name is one that typically has a value of many thousands of £’s due its name and memorability. In this case seeing our domain listed in Google search results leaves no doubt in the searchers mind about the relevancy of the listing.